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We keep your most expensive business decisions profitable. Since 1997

Gateway Group, established in 1997, is a global information technology services, solutions and product engineering company with a team of brilliant and dedicated professionals serving our customers across 30 countries in 5 Continents.


We specialize in transforming our customers' business continuously by providing the right insight, deploying the most sought after technology solutions. Our exclusive Centers of Excellence (Technology and Domain), have been created by ICT experts who strive to make the most challenging technological and business constraints in information technology the least impediment to our customers success.


From the most demanding to the most distant customers, we help global leaders grow and transform their business and bring greater flexibility with faster time to market through technical excellence, all at lower costs, right at their doorsteps.


Our customers rely on us to deliver “MEASURABLE BUSINESS VALUE”.


We serve customers across Automotive, Healthcare, Publishing and Media, Entertainment and Gaming, Banking & Financial Services, Manufacturing and Engineering, Retail, Public Sector, Software Product Houses and Independent Software Vendors.


Experts at Keeping Your Most Expensive Decisions Profitable

20 years back Our founders established GGC with a vision to institutionalize best practices into the very DNA of our organization that ensures success for our customers. Today, every decision, every strategy, and every initiative that we take is towards ensuring a measurable, sustainable and profitable business for our customers. We ensure that technology remains at the forefront of our customers business, to achieve strategic differential advantage over their competition.

Today, our customers vouch on our ability to deliver EXCEPTIONAL AND MEASURABLE BUSINESS VALUE through innovative, intelligent, and insight-driven use of Information Technology and its solutions.

A Brilliant Team of Motivated and Cohesive Professionals

We are a brilliant team of professionals from 14 nationalities, spread across 17 countries including India, United States, Canada, Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, Finland, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Dubai (UAE), Belgium, South Africa, Oman, and UK. We strive hard to ensure that the tenacious quality of being part of Gateway Team and its DNA is percolated to the last level in the organization.

We have often heard from our customers that Gateway Team member clearly differentiates himself from the crowd. The value systems and business ethics demonstrated by our team has made us the beautiful team that we are.

Gateway is what it is today due to all the wonderful people who worked with gateway and all those who worked in the past. Team gateway salutes our alumni for leaving a legacy that we firmly carry forward.

Money doesn't, Teams Build Organizations

We started our business in 1997, the toughest time for the global IT Industry. Defying logic, we grew faster during recessions, simply by delivering measurable business values and helping our customers grow, and in-turn, helping us grew even faster under good economic conditions. We have been debt-free since inception and grown through internally generated funds. Today we have no debts, no liabilities, and no investors.

We are rated SE 1B by Dun and Bradstreet, being highest on financial stability and high on performance.

We believe organizations are built around people and tremendous inherent talent. Our strategies for growth have been around our people and we remain heavily invested in our teams. Our commitment towards excellence has enabled us to become one of the only company of our size that serves our valued customers across highly complex non-English speaking countries. Our business is diversified across 5 continents, 9 global currencies, multiple technologies, multiple industry verticals, making us one of the best resilient, razor sharp and risk-managed organization of our size in the world.

Being independent, has helped us to focus on serving our customers better, to create a rock solid foundation for our business, and to provide uninterrupted services to our customers worldwide.

Gateway Information System - Our Back Bone
Gateway Information System (GIS) is a powerful CRM, project-management, process monitoring and knowledge-sharing platform, that, for more than a decade has enabled us to innovate and improvise on our delivery capabilities. It is the heart of our organization and enables us to solve the most challenging needs of our customers, effectively and efficiently by channelizing our best and brightest ideas and people at any given point.

Delivering Truly Measurable Business Value Worldwide

We believe in optimizing, not just for our customers, but also for ourselves. We maintain perfect symmetry between utilizing resources and optimizing business effectiveness for customers. We are large enough to be resourceful and small enough to be flexible, making us one of the most dynamic and highly adaptable IT services company globally. Today, more than 85% of our business is in the form of repeat customers.

Our unique global delivery model is based on a principle that we take to work the best talent that is available, at the best price, to deliver maximum business and make the location of work irrelevant from our customers’ point of view. Since the past 10 years, over 70% of our business, comes from Non-English speaking countries including; The Nordic and Benelux region, Germany, Japan, and the Middle East, making us a highly successful global mid-sized technology company that has deep understanding of diverse cultures with unique operational intelligence of diverse markets worldwide.

Wide Industry Experience with Cutting Technology and Services

Gateway Group’s experience spans across several industry verticals, including: Automotive, Healthcare, Print Media & Publishing, Banking and Finance, Entertainment & Gaming, Retail, Transportation & Logistics, Government & Public Sector, Software Product Houses and Independent software vendors.

Our technology capabilities include the world’s leading Microsoft Practices, Cloud Migration, Open Source Practice, Java Practice and Internet of Things. We provide leading IT Services that includes Business Analytics, Cloud Services, Application Engineering, Enterprise Transformation, It Infrastructure Management, Testing Services, Mobility Solutions, and Digital Media Marketing.



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